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Chewbacca (Unleashed 2)

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chewbacca-unleashed2-t.jpg Chewbacca (Unleashed 2) : 653569093176 Price: $34.99
Wookiees don't take threats very well. Cross one of their kind, and you'll be lucky to have one arm still left in its socket. But underneath their mammoth, fur-covered exteriors lies a race of compassionate, trustworthy and loyal creatures that strive to live in peace on their lush jungle planet of Kashyyyk. This is why the mighty Chewbacca and his fellow Wookiee warriors must fight to repel an invasion of their home planet by the massive Separatist droid armies. Jedi Master Yoda and an army of clone troopers fight with the Wookiees to help secure their position on the beaches of Wawaatt Archipelago on the coastal city of Kachiro. Armed with body shield and a Wookiee blaster, Chewbacca battles the amassing droids during an amphibious assault. Later during the battle, while in a treetop command center with Yoda and Captain Tarfful, Chewbacca realizes that he must act to save Yoda from the suddenly traitorous clone troopers. Chewie and Tarfful bravely lead Yoda to an escape pod, there they will say their distressing last goodbyes. Now Chewbacca and the rest of the Wookiees must band together to pull through their darkest hour. 9" scale.