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Urizen (Collector Club Exclusive)

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urizen-blue-ink-t.jpg Urizen (Collector Club Exclusive) : 787926902693 Price: $424.99 On Sale! $124.99
This massive hellish demon was first conjured as a smoky apparition in Spawn #95. Urizen is a leveler of hope, a destroyer of dreams, a necroplasmic fury with a heart as dark as midnight. Urizen is the void, the dark god, a walking black hole of negative energy set free to spark the Apocalypse, the coming war between Heaven and Hell. The Urizen action figure stands 9 1/4 inches tall to the top of his horns and is articulated at the neck, right shoulder, elbows, wrists, chest (ball joint) and hips. He's painted in a grayish-black wash and has necroplasmic green eyes and mouth. He has two removable back-mounted horns and a massive battle scythe attached to a length of real chain. Urizen also comes with a cityscape base that highlights his true dimensions. Urizen is packaged on a collector's clamshell blister. This is a very limited production - only 7,500 were made -- so get yours today. All 7,500 Urizen action figures include a special insert card hand-signed by Todd McFarlane.