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Red Banshee (Commando)

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redbanshee-commando-t.jpg Red Banshee (Commando) Price: $32.99
COBRA COMMANDER, OVER KILL and DESTRO combined their technological expertise to create these sentient machines capable of morphing from robot to street bike mode. They have a quanterium-infused power source that gives them lightning-fast reflexes in robot mode and allows them to reach over 230 mph in bike mode. Their titanium swords can cut through triple-thick steel, and their iron jaws can pulverize vehicles. In either mode, they are designed to hunt relentlessly and destroy mercilessly when programmed with a specific target.

Mobile assault vehicle converts from street bike mode to robot figure and back! In robot mode, its KUNG FU GRIP hand can hold weapons and “grab” on to COBRA enemies!