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Mr. Freeze (DC Universe, Legacy Edition)

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mrfreeze-dcu-legacy-t.jpg Mr. Freeze (DC Universe, Legacy Edition) : 746775034177 Price: $32.99
Cold-hearted mastermind Victor Fries started life as an outcast, tormented by his brutal father, and hungry for companionship. Ultimately hired by Gothcorp as a cryogenecist, Fries fell in love and tried to use science to save his beloved from a terminal illness. When Gothcorp ended the funding for his project, thereby writing his love's death certificate, Fries went mad and took revenge as Mr. Freeze, encased in super frigid armor and wielding a freeze-gun. Mr. Freeze made his comic book debut in Batman #121, and went on to become the caped crusader's coolest enemy ever.

6.5" tall Mr. Freeze includes display base and comic book poster.