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Havok (Mutant X)

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havok(mutantx)t.jpg Havok (Mutant X) Price: $69.99
Alex Summers, the mutant known as Havok, died after being trapped on an out-of-control jet carrying a space/time distortion device. In the explosion his soul somehow traveled through time and space into the body of the deceased Havok from another universe. Havok discovered that this new universe was similar to his but it had surprising differences. He was married to Madelyne Pryor, had a son and was the leader of a super team called The Six. He tried desperately to find his way home until he realized that his chances were slim. He now puts his energy into finding a place for himself on this strange new world. Summers uses his mutant power to absorb cosmic energy and transform it into devastating blasts of dectructive plasma while leading this strange parallel team of his friends and enemies in fighting evil. Includes trading card!