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Marvel's Nighthawk (Marvel Universe, series 4, 018) - Reviews

Marvel's Nighthawk (Marvel Universe, series 4, 018)

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marvelsnighthawk-marveluniverse-t.jpg Marvel's Nighthawk (Marvel Universe, series 4, 018) : 653569708087 Price: $24.99
This baron if industry may never have left his cocoon of luxury were it not for the whims of the powers that shape the universe. Stumbling upon an ancient formula that would change his life, Kyle Richmond was transformed by the Grandmaster into a hero with super-human abilities, though he can only use his powers at night. Fighting under the sun-less skies as Nighthawk, Richmond found his place as a champion of justice. His fearless self-sacrifice in battle and vast personal resources made him a natural fit to lead the legendary Defenders!

4" tall.