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Battle Armor He-Man (Classics)

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battlearmorheman-classics-t.jpg Battle Armor He-Man (Classics) : 027084835946 Price: $104.99
"If you were lucky enough to have one of the original He-Man toys back in the '80s, then you remember that cool spinning wheel in his chest that showed various states of damage. Our all-new Battle Armor He-Man pays homage to that beloved feature with three interchangeable armor plates, each with varying degrees of dents! Always ready for a good fight, he comes complete with his trademark battle axe.

Battle Armor He-Man Bio

Real Name: Adam of the House Randor

To adapt to new enemies and situations, Adam has learned to tap further into the great power that his sword unlocks. The combined Power of the Universe and the Knowledge of the Elders is called upon by Adam and channeled through the Sword of He to create new forms of armor and weapons to combat evil. His Battle Armor was created to protect He-Man during his early battles with Skeletor and his evil warriors. Using the Power of Grayskull, He-Man The Most Powerful Man in the Universe, is now shielded by his mighty Battle Armor! 6"" tall."