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Magneto with Electro-Magnetic Action (X-Men) - Reviews

Magneto with Electro-Magnetic Action (X-Men)

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magneto-2006-t.jpg Magneto with Electro-Magnetic Action (X-Men) : 035112708605 Price: $39.99
"Once a close friend of mutant mentor Charles Xavier, the genetic terrorist known as Magneto is now his deadliest foe. The self-anointed Master of Magnetism has dedicated his life to the advancement of Homo Superior, even if he must bring about humanity's downfall to ensure the ascendance of mutantkind. Arguably the most powerful man on Earth, Magneto believes that mutants represent the next step in human evolution...and he's grown weary of waiting for Homo Sapiens to cede control of the planet! 6"" tall Magneto features electro-magnetic action."