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Air Assault Drone (17)

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airassaultdrone-17-t.jpg Air Assault Drone (17) : 653569504917 Price: $24.99
The Air Assault Drone was built to mimic and surpass the speed and stealth of the Iron Man armor. It is capable of punishing bursts of speed, too fast for most missile systems to track, even if they could lock onto its radar-transparent armor.

Prepare to fight for the fate of the world, with a will of steel and a suit of "iron"! Throw your Air Assault Drone figure right into the middle of the action -- this fighter has more than enough power to defeat most opponents. When you've got the worst of his enemies in your sights, use his removable jet pack accessory to send him "soaring" out of their "range of fire". It will take a whole lot of strength for anyone to defeat you and your Air Assault Drone figure!

Figure comes with removable jet pack accessory, 3 Armor Cards and figure stand.