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General Grievous (The Clone Wars)

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generalgrievous-tcw-t.jpg General Grievous (The Clone Wars) : 653569325833 Price: $44.99
"General Grievous is a brilliant strategist who has honed the droid army into a terrifyingly efficient fighting force. He has carried out the plans of the Separatists on planets and moons throughout the galaxy. Part living matter and part machine, Grievous is as skilled with a lightsaber as any Jedi Knight and relishes any opportunity that allows him to duel and defeat a Jedi.

Step into The Clone Wars animated world with this articulated action figure based on the anime character. In full droid form, this figure comes with interchangeable arms and four lightsaber accessories. Pose him with all four lightsabers and stage your own galactic battles.

Figure comes with interchangeable arms and four lightsaber accessories."