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Green Goblin (Marvel Legends Unleashed)

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greengoblin-unleashed-t.jpg Green Goblin (Marvel Legends Unleashed) Price: $49.99
"One of the most dangerous men in the world, Norman Osborn – the Green Goblin – is also one of the most underestimated. His marginally controlled madness masks an intellect that is second to none, and an obsession with the destruction of Spider-Man that cannot be contained. Osborn has tracked the web slinger for most of his heroic career, toying with him from afar, and laying destructive plans that span years in their execution. He has sacrificed his career, his sanity, and even the life of his son in his attempts to lay Spider-Man low. Though he has never managed to defeat Spider-Man, he will stop at nothing until the wall crawler lies at his feet.

Collectible Green Goblin figure is the ultimate in posable detail. Bring the notorious villain to ""life"" with 34 points of articulation. Use the figure’s interlocking base to connect to other Marvel Legends Unleashed figures (each sold separately) and reconstruct some of the most epic battles from your favorite comics. 8"" tall."