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Venom (Spinning symbiote attack, Spider-Man 3) - Reviews

Venom (Spinning symbiote attack, Spider-Man 3)

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venom-spinningsymbioteattack-sm3-t.jpg Venom (Spinning symbiote attack, Spider-Man 3) : 653569220411 Price: $49.99
A crazed, shapeless alien from outer space, all the symbiote ever wanted on Earth was a home. It thought it had found one with Spider-Man, but the hero’s rejection gave it a thirst for something new – revenge. Now, combined with Eddie Brock, it's got the power it needs to take out Spider-Man once and for all, for together man and alien become the terrifying Venom!

Unleash super-villain mayhem with this Venom figure featuring snap-on claws and a wind-up torso that you can release for a spinning attack! Figure comes with snap-on claws and Spider-Man peel-off sticker. 6" tall.