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AT-AP Walker (30th Anniversary)

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atapwalker-t.jpg AT-AP Walker (30th Anniversary) : 653569284963 Price: $74.99
Designed as mobile battlefield armor, the All Terrain Attack Pod is an essential walker for the clone troopers. The center leg gives the AT-AP additional stability for crossing rough terrain, as the clone troopers who operate it blast the enemy with the vehicle’s projectile launcher and cannons. AT-AP walkers were used on Felucia and Kashyyyk, where dense ground cover required the use of stable yet highly mobile vehicles.

Get ready to save the galaxy with this super cool vehicle! Fire the projectile from the launcher or rotate the cannon and prepare to attack! Open the hatch covers and load the attack pod with up to three Star Wars action figures (sold separately). This detailed vehicle even has a chin-mounted “laser” cannon to help blast the enemy!