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Tank Attack Daredevil (Web Force)

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tankattackdaredevil(t).jpg Tank Attack Daredevil (Web Force) : 035112475231 Price: $34.99
Sightless attorney Matt Murdock is really the swashbuckling man without fear, Tank Attack Daredevil! His remaining senses heightened to an unbelievable level, Tank Attack Daredevil even has a "radar-sense" that effectively allows him to see! Perceiving things in darkness clearer than normal people can see in the daylight, Tank Attack Daredevil is perfectly equipped for battle against the city's underworld. And he'd better be, because they're getting better armed and more organized all the time. Leveling the playing field against the heavily armed crooks, Tank Attack Daredevil suits up in his transforming web tank armor, ready to face any threat in his way! Web tank transforms into tank attack armor.