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Republic Swamp Speeder (The Clone Wars)

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republicswampspeeder-t.jpg Republic Swamp Speeder (The Clone Wars) Price: $59.99
Swamp speeders are used by clone troopers to travel over soft, marshy terrain found on worlds such as Kashyyyk and Felucia. Propelled by a rear turbofan, the vehicles hover above the ground, skimming over land that would hamper the movement of wheeled vehicles and walkers. These two-person repulsorlift speeders have front-mounted twin laser cannons and provide infantry support to the Republic's clone army.

Launch yourself into action with this awesome Republic Swamp Speeder vehicle! Its rolling wheels and intricate details make every battle feel more like the "real thing". Meanwhile, the firing cannon accessories make this a lean, mean battling "machine"! Fit two figures (each sold separately) behind the "controls" and blast off for adventure!

Vehicle comes with missile accessories.