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Iron Fist (Marvel Universe, #017)

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ironfist-mu-t.jpg Iron Fist (Marvel Universe, #017) Price: $44.99 On Sale! $24.99
Daniel Rand is the current bearer of the immortal power of the Iron Fist. He is a living weapon, empowered with the mystical energy of the otherworldly city K'un-Lun. Trained by the immortal fighter Lei Kung the Thunderer, he was already an exceptional fighter when he faced and defeated the dragon Shou Lou, and took his power. With that power, he is capable of healing injuries, adapting to almost any environment, and striking his opponents with superhuman force.

Take to the streets – or at least your bedroom! – with the yellow-masked superhero! Detailed in his green “suit”, this articulated Iron Fist figure is ready to take a stand in your collection.

Figure comes with a S.H.I.E.L.D. File with secret code.