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Deathstroke (DC Universe Classics Wave 3 Figure 2) - Reviews

Deathstroke (DC Universe Classics Wave 3 Figure 2)

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deathstroke-dcu-t.jpg Deathstroke (DC Universe Classics Wave 3 Figure 2) : 027084596236 Price: $119.99
Decorated military veteran Slade Wilson served his country one last time by volunteering for adrenocorticotropic hormone experiments. These experiments were supposed to increase the brain-activity and reflexes of its subjects, creating super-enhanced soldiers...but the subjects died or, like Wilson, were left crippled in a vegetative state. But Wilson began to recuperate, discovering that his strength, agility and stamina had all increased nearly tenfold! He assumed the identity of Deathstroke The Terminator, assassin for hire.

Includes the right arm of Solomon Grundy. 7" tall.