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Geonosis Battle Arena

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geonosisbattlearena(t).jpg Geonosis Battle Arena : 076930848968 Price: $214.99
The ultimate playset to re-create the major battle scenes form Episode II or to create your own adventure! Add figures, vehicles and accessories (all sold separately) from your Hasbro Star Wars Attack of the Clones collection to re-create the Geonosian arena battle: the Battle Droid and Super Battle Droid factory: the climactic duel in the "secret" hangar: the arrival of the Clone Troopers in the Republic Gunship: and much more! With different play environments on each side, the playset lets you get right inside the action! Features "secret" hangar, Count Dooku's spectator box, break-apart columns and droid factory. Deluxe Yoda with Super Battle Droid (sold separately) attaches to playset!