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Lady Deathstrike

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ladydeathstrike(t).jpg Lady Deathstrike : 035112431756 Price: $39.99
"Transformed into a cyborg by Spiral of the Mojoverse, Lady Deathstrike is as evil as she is powerful! An obsessive hatred of Wolverine, combined with her adamantium-laced bones and claws, have made her one of the X-Men's most dangerous and unpredictable opponents! After several failed attempts to capture Wolverine in order to study his adamantium skeleton, Lady Deathstrike has become even more obsessed with him! Not willing to stop until she has captured or destroyed the object of her obsession, Lady Deathstrike is sure to clash with Wolverine and the X-Men again. Includes Bio-Morphing Armor! 5"" scale."