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Mutiny In The Ranks 6-Pack

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mutinyintheranks6pack-t.jpg Mutiny In The Ranks 6-Pack : 027084727722 Price: $64.99

A mystic who once worked under Amanda Waller at project Cadmus, Tala was later recruited by Gorilla Grodd when he reformed The Secret Society as a safe haven for DC Super Villains. She used her mystical talents to help both Grodd and Lex Luthor achieve their evil ends.

Devil Ray:
A cutthroat underwater mercenary, Devil Ray gladly joined Grodd's Secret Society helping lead a strike team against Nanda Parbat and a UN global warming conference. Eventually he met his demise at the hands of Deadman deep in the heart of Gorilla City.

Possessing a Medusa Mask which can manipulate the emotions of anyone who looks at it, Psycho-Pirate is in face one of the most powerful villains on earth. As a member of Grodd's enforcement squad, he remains a loyal part of The Secret Society.

Gentleman Ghost:
A notorious highway robber from the Old West, Gentleman Jim Craddock survived his own hanging and returned as a ghost to wander the earth. Eventually he joined Grodd's Secret Society and became a menace to Hawkman and other heroes in the JLU.

Lex Luthor:
A criminal mastermind, Lex Luthor only joined up with Gorilla Grodd's Secret Society in order to obtain the last remaining piece of Brainiac. After Luthor uncovered Grodd's true goal. he seized leadership of the Society and assumed command himself.

Dr. Polaris:
Possessing control over all forms of metal, Dr. Polaris joined Grodd's Secret Society to help make a quick underhanded buck. Although he is loyal to Grodd at first, his ambition took over when Luthor assumed command and Polaris led a mutiny to take control of the Society himself.