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Power Switching Human Torch (movie)

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powerswitchinghumantorch-t.jpg Power Switching Human Torch (movie) Price: $24.99
Since he got his powers in a cosmic storm, no ones been able to challenge the Human Torch for sheer speed. That is, until the Silver Surfer showed up. Now that hes gone a few rounds with the Silver Surfer, he knows what hes up against. Unfortunately, contact with the alien menace has also sent his powers haywire. One moment, hes rocketing through the sky, and the next its flame off, and hes dropping towards the Earth, made of orange rock. If he could control his power switching, hed be more than a match for the Silver Surfer and Dr. Doom, but as it is, hell be lucky to make it back to the ground safely.

Detailed Human Torch action figure packs a wallop! Pull back his arm and release for a mighty Thing punch that lets his enemies know he means business. Attach his snap-on flames and prepare him for a fierce and fiery attack!