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Hyperion (Marvel Legends)

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hyperion-marvel-legends-t.jpg Hyperion (Marvel Legends) : 653569820963 Price: $89.99
This figure is more than a superhero! He's an all-powerful protector, and he's ready to handle whatever mission you send him on. But he also comes with 2 arms and 2 pistols for a Hit Monkey figure! Send him into the struggle against the forces of darkness! Collect the entire Hit Monkey series (other figures sold separately) to build a full Hit Monkey figure! Power up with your Conquering Heroes figure!

Awesome 6" tall Conquering Heroes figure! Includes Tales of Hit Monkey Part 1 of 3 comic book. Comes with arms and pistols to build a Hit Monkey figure. Collect the entire Hit Monkey series! Other figures sold separately.