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Yaddle & Evan Piell (The Legacy Collection)

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yaddleandevanpiell-t.jpg Yaddle & Evan Piell (The Legacy Collection) : 653569372325 Price: $54.99
"Jedi Master Yaddle is a member of the Jedi Council and is the same unknown species as Yoda. In contrast to the quiet and thoughtful Yaddle, Jedi Council member Evan Piell is known for his humorless and fierce demeanor.

Team up with these two Jedi Council members for double the Star Wars fun! Action figures, based on the memorable Star Wars characters, come with one Droid Factory™ part! Collect other specially marked Legacy Collection figures (sold separately) for more Droid Factory parts! Then build your very own custom droid figure!

Figures come with two lightsaber accessories and 1 Droid Factory part."