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Green Goblin (Marvel Universe, #015) - Reviews

Green Goblin (Marvel Universe, #015)

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greengoblin-mu-t.jpg Green Goblin (Marvel Universe, #015) : 653569360001 Price: $44.99 On Sale! $39.99
There was a time when Norman Osborn was just a man, though he has always had a surplus of ambition. Even then, however, there was a monster lurking deep within. The Goblin Serum brought that monster roaring to the surface, and caused his ambition to rage unchecked. He became obsessed, first with the acquisition of power, then with the destruction of Spider-Man. Every action he has taken since, every evil act he has committed, has been with those two goals in mind.

Take to the streets or at least your bedroom! with the green-colored evildoer! Armed with a pumpkin bomb in his grasp, this detailed and articulated Green Goblin figure is ready to take a stand in your collection.

3.75" scale figure comes with a S.H.I.E.L.D. File with secret code.