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Skrull Elektra & Ronin 2-Pack (Marvel Legends) - Reviews

Skrull Elektra & Ronin 2-Pack (Marvel Legends)

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skrullelektraandronin-t.jpg Skrull Elektra & Ronin 2-Pack (Marvel Legends) : 653569345060 Price: $49.99
Join this detailed duo as they battle it out in a showdown of good versus evil! A new Avenger battles the leader of a Skrull infiltration team and you can be right in the middle of the action! Dressed in battle-ready garb, both with looks that could kill, these two menacing-looking action figures are ready for a fight to the finish. So who will emerge victorious? Add these two rival figures to your collection and then only you can determine their fate!

Figures come with sword accessories.