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Boba Fett Electronic Helmet

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bobafettelectronichelmet-t.jpg Boba Fett Electronic Helmet : 653569508762 Price: $229.99
"Gear up for intergalactic action with this cool Boba Fett Electronic Helmet! Don the helmet to get in character and feel just like the dangerous bounty hunter, then press the sound effects button to hear blaster sounds, rocket pack sounds and more. As you hunt down your target, press the phrases button to hear intimidating sayings like, ""Surrender... or face disintegration."" Activate the light-up antenna as you close in on your prey and move the antenna up or down to change which phrases and sounds play! There's battle raging for the fate of the universe and now you're ready to play your part and join in!

Detailed electronic helmet lets you feel just like the Star Wars character. Straps allow you to adjust helmet's fit; fits most sizes ages 5 through adult.

Includes 3 AAA batteries.

Adult assembly required."