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Stop the Zillo Beast (Battle Packs)

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stopthezillobeast-t.jpg Stop the Zillo Beast (Battle Packs) : 653569645955 Price: $42.99
The forces of the Republic must stop a rampaging Zillo Beast. The huge creature is loose on Coruscant causing chaos and damage as it tries to escape. The Jedi and clone troopers try to recapture the fierce creature before it reaches the city. The skies are no limit for this intergalactic battle! Your YODA and MACE WINDU figures are well-armed, and so is your CLONE TROOPER figure - but will they be enough to stop the Zillo Beast? Only you can decide! Set comes with YODA, MACE WINDU and CLONE TROOPER figures and accessories, 3 GALACTIC BATTLE GAME cards, 3 battle bases and game die. 1.75" - 4" tall.