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Crimson Dynamo Attacks 4-Pack (Super Hero Squad) - Reviews

Crimson Dynamo Attacks 4-Pack (Super Hero Squad)

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crimsondynamoattacks-shs-t.jpg Crimson Dynamo Attacks 4-Pack (Super Hero Squad) Price: $24.99
The nuclear-powered Super Villain known as the CRIMSON DYNAMO attacks one of Stark Internationalís secluded desert storage facilities, intent on stealing what technology he can sell, and destroying the rest. Luckily, IRON MAN is there, testing his new desert combat armor. Using his remote systems, he takes control of two other powerful armor systems and turns the tables on his attacker!

Team up with these funky figures and create exciting adventures right in your own living room! Small in stature but big on fun, these cool characters are sure to save the day from a boring afternoon. So get ready to do battle with the Super Hero Squad!

Includes CRIMSON DYNAMO, WAR MACHINE, Classic IRON MAN and Desert Armor IRON MAN figures.