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8" Green Goblin (Spider-Man Origins) - Reviews

8" Green Goblin (Spider-Man Origins)

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8inchgreengoblin-ssso-t.jpg 8" Green Goblin (Spider-Man Origins) : 653569205333 Price: $39.99
Driven mad by the same chemical infusion that granted him his incredible strength and intelligence, Norman Osborn became obsessed with the destruction of Spider-Man. So determined is his plotting that Spider-Man sometimes thinks of the Green Goblin as his personal curse.

His influence on the history of Spider-Man is so pervasive that it is difficult to point to a painfully defining moment in the hero's career in which the Green Goblin did not have some hand. From the tragic death of Peter Parker's first love to the loss of his child, Osborn has been there, looming in the shadows, a cackling, demented specter, clutching a ticking pumpkin bomb as the smoke from his glider's exhaust obscures the web-slinger's future. Features fabric costume and includes belt, satchel, glider and 2 pumpkin bombs.