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Iron Man Advanced Armor (32)

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ironmanadvancedarmor-32-t.jpg Iron Man Advanced Armor (32) : 653569486701 Price: $24.99
"As technology progressed, Tony Stark worked constantly to keep the Iron Man armor at the bleeding edge. This suit was, for a time, the ultimate realization of his dream - a near-perfect fusion of man and machine, incorporating the most advanced tech in the world. It broke the mold of all previous armor versions, and set the standard by which all future versions would be judged.

Prepare to save the world, with a will of steel and a suit of ""iron""! Throw your Iron Man Advanced Armor figure right into the middle of the action -- this hero has more than enough power to defeat any sinister opponents. When you've got the worst of the worst evil-doers in your sights, make your action figure level his snap-on repulsor blast accessory at their forces. There isn't a bad guy in the world that can match the might of you and your Iron Man Advanced Armor figure!

Figure comes with snap-on repulsor blast accessory, 3 Armor Cards and figure stand."