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Stealth Striker Armor Iron Man (concept series)

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stealthstrikerarmorironman-t.jpg Stealth Striker Armor Iron Man (concept series) : 653569346159 Price: $74.99 On Sale! $39.99
Driven to heroism by personal tragedy, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark resolves to change the world, becoming the invincible Iron Man! The arrival of Iron Man on the scene is usually announced by a sonic boom and the explosive sounds of repulsor blasts, but Tony Stark doesn't always like to advertise his presence. That's why he developed the Stealth Striker Armor, to quickly and quietly sneak in and out of extreme danger zones.

Help this armored superhero fight his way to freedom! Incredibly detailed action figure, based on the movie character, features a removable jet backpack and snap-out wings! Stage your Iron Man figure in a high-flying battle (figure does not fly) against his enemies! 6" scale.