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Fantastic Four vs. Mole Man (Marvel Legends Masterworks) - Reviews

Fantastic Four vs. Mole Man (Marvel Legends Masterworks)

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fantasticfourvsmoleman-ml-t.jpg Fantastic Four vs. Mole Man (Marvel Legends Masterworks) Price: $34.99
"When the adventurous foursome of Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm rocketed off into space, they were bombarded by cosmic rays -- forever changing them and the world they lived in. These 'Imaginauts' became Marvel's First Family - the Fantastic Four! In their first mission together, the team faced menacing creatures dwelling deep beneath our feet, the monstrous creations of the Mole Man! As civilians fled in terror, these four super-beings were the only ones who could save an entire city from complete devastation. Working as a team, the Fantastic Four showed the world its first super powered family, and proved that as long as the Fantastic Four stood watch, evil would stand no chance! Includes a 32 page comic book. Monster is approximately 8"" tall."