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Constructicon Devastator 5-Pack

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constructicondevistator-t.jpg Constructicon Devastator 5-Pack Price: $249.99
The incredible power of CONSTRUCTICON DEVASTATOR is rooted in the combination of five DECEPTICON warriors, but he is somewhat limited by their minds all competing for full control over his massive body. BONECRUSHER is a chaotic madman who lives to destroy, while LONG HAUL is a brooding genius with a talent for constructing the vast energy collection engines that supply the DECEPTICONS with power. HIGHTOWER is a chemistry lab on wheels whose passion for poisons and explosives is surpassed only by his dislike of his teammates. His polar opposite is SCAVENGER, who has an instinct for detecting valuable fuels and minerals, but is desperate for the approval and friendship of his fellow CONSTRUCTICONS. Finally, there is DECEPTICON SCRAPPER, a quiet psycho whose first love is building monuments to his enemies out of their destroyed chassis.

Assemble these five awesome robot-to-vehicle figures together to form the amazing CONSTRUCTICON DEVASTATOR figure! Includes SCAVENGER, BONECRUSHER, LONG HAUL, HIGHTOWER and DECEPTICON SCRAPPER figures, ENERGON weapons and ENGERGON stars.