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Armor Evolutions (Super Hero Squad)

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armorevolutions-shs-t.jpg Armor Evolutions (Super Hero Squad) Price: $24.99
With new threats always arising, Iron Man knows he can never rest. He works constantly on his armor, inventing new weapons, and new ways of defeating his enemies. It has evolved from a single-purpose suit designed to help him escape captivity into a powerful airborne weapon. No force on Earth can stand up long against the full force of Iron Man!

A mighty battle is about to begin — and it’s up to you to fight it! Create the ultimate fighting team by pitting your Iron Man Mark I, Iron Man Mark II and Iron Man Mark III figures against their enemies. They’ve got the armor, but you’ve got the power!

Three-pack of exciting, stylized characters includes Iron Man Mark I, Iron Man Mark II and Iron Man Mark III figures!