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Clawful (Classics)

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clawful-classics-t.jpg Clawful (Classics) : 027084918335 Price: $54.99
"Get a grip, Clawful… thanks to the mercy of the Evil Warrior Goddess, you've got nothing to be crabby about and your enemies have everything to fear! Featuring full articulation all the way down to that cataclysmic claw, he includes a vintage-style mace and shell-inspired shield. Combined with an awesomely oversized appendage, it's nearly impossible for adversaries to escape his powerful clutch!

Clawful Bio

Real Name: Pronounced through a series of claw clicks

A member of the Karikoni, an Eternian race of crustacean warriors, ""Clawful"" as he was known outside of Orkas Island, became a core member of Skeletor's Evil Warriors after he saved Beast Man's life from a Seclapoid attack. Clawful's hard shell protects him from both extreme heat and cold. Under a spell cast by Evil Lyn, Clawful's dull wits were enhanced, turning him into a keen warrior and strategist. He fought alongside Skeletor, leading a battalion of Skeleton Warriors during the Second Ultimate Battle Ground. Clawful uses his dreadful claw to work his evil will!"