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Marvel's Hercules (Marvel Universe, series 4, 017) - Reviews

Marvel's Hercules (Marvel Universe, series 4, 017)

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marvelshercules-marveluniverse-t.jpg Marvel's Hercules (Marvel Universe, series 4, 017) : 653569708063 Price: $29.99 On Sale! $24.99
Evildoers who encounter this legendary warrior take their places in the pages of history for an inglorious reason: getting their clocks cleaned by the fist of an immortal! The son of Zeus has found many an adventure in the world beyond Olympus. His strength - rivaled perhaps by none - has enabled him to win many victories as a vigilant protector of good and courageous member of the Avengers. He never shies away from battle, nor from a chance to enjoy the spoils a rousing victory brings.

4.5" tall.