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Shocker with Shockwave Vibration (Trilogy)

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shocker-trilogy-t.jpg Shocker with Shockwave Vibration (Trilogy) : 653569328599 Price: $74.99
Shocker is a brilliant, self-taught engineer who built his advanced battle suit on his own in order to enhance his already formidable abilities as a master criminal. Armed with this shockwave generating suit, he crosses the line from villain to Super Villain. He can generate thudding vibrations in the air powerful enough to smash through concrete or knock Spider-Man senseless. He has battled the web slinger to a standstill on more than one occasion, and this time, only one of them is going to walk away from the fight!

Collectible figure is posable and features "shockwave" vibration twist the knob in the figure's back to activate! Launch the projectiles from his twin arm blasters for a double attack blast. Figure comes with 4 projectiles.