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Blade Battle Marvel's Hogun (09)

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bladebattlemarvelshogun-t.jpg Blade Battle Marvel's Hogun (09) : 653569587408 Price: $24.99
HOGUN the Grim rarely smiles, and never laughs. He finds his own quiet joy in victory over the enemies of Asgard, but he leaves the celebration to VOLSTAGG and FANDRAL. His skill at hand-to-hand fighting makes him an invaluable comrade in arms to the mighty THOR. Defeat the forces of evil wherever you and your HOGUN figure find them. This quiet but determined hero has proven himself on many fields of battle, and his detachable "blades" accessories turn into fist "blades" to make him even more powerful! The battles you and your mighty HOGUN figure fight are sure to become legendary. Figure is 3.75" scale and comes with detachable "blades" accessories.