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Spiral (Marvel Legends, Red Hulk series, variant) - Reviews

Spiral (Marvel Legends, Red Hulk series, variant)

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spiral-ml-variant-t.jpg Spiral (Marvel Legends, Red Hulk series, variant) : 653569334354 Price: $74.99
Enslaved by Mojo, Spiral serves as a soldier, assassin and spy for the other dimensional despot. She has faced many of Earth's heroes, from the Avengers to the X-Men, both in her capacity as Mojo's servant, and as a solo operator. Her motivations are often opaque, and she rarely explains her actions, preferring instead to see her victory complete and then teleport away. She is responsible of the creation of Lady Deathstrike's enhanced body, as well as the delivery of Shatterstar's identity to the mutant body of Ben Russell. Phenomenally powerful as a sorceress and warrior, the presence of Spiral at Mojo's side virtually guarantees his continued rule of Mojo World.

Includes the head of Red Hulk.