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Agent Fox Mulder (with victim in body bag and gurney) - Reviews

Agent Fox Mulder (with victim in body bag and gurney)

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agentfoxmulder-withvictiminbodybagandgurney-t.jpg Agent Fox Mulder (with victim in body bag and gurney) : 787926161014 Price: $39.99
Oxford-educated, brilliant and driven, Agent Fox Mulder was one of the leading investigators in the Violent Crimes division of the FBI, until he requested a transfer to an obscure area of the Bureau known as the X-Files. There he earned the reputation as a renegade agent, investigating cases which the FBI deemed "unexplained" due to their paranormal nature. But Mulder quickly learned that the X-Files were cases that the government did not want solved - and forces within the government would go to any length to ensure that these cases remained a mystery. Compelled by his belief that his sister was abducted by aliens when he was 12 years old, Mulder is willing to risk everything to find what he desires most - the Truth.