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Black Lantern: Hal Jordan (wave 17, figure 6) - Reviews

Black Lantern: Hal Jordan (wave 17, figure 6)

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blacklantern-haljordan-t.jpg Black Lantern: Hal Jordan (wave 17, figure 6) : 027084983784 Price: $39.99
Hal Jordan has faced countless foes, but not even the might of the entire Green Lantern Corps could prevent the Blackest Night. In his hometown of Coast City, Hal Jordan was attacked by Black Lantern Spectre and momentarily transformed into a Black Lantern. Saved by a Blue Lantern guardian, Jordan did the unthinkable to defeat The Spectre - releasing his enemy Parallax and allowing it to possess him!

6.5" tall figure includes the head & torso to the Anti-Monitor.