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Magnaguard Fighter (The Clone Wars)

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magnaguardfighter-tcw-t.jpg Magnaguard Fighter (The Clone Wars) Price: $46.99
IG-series 100 MagnaGuards -- the droid bodyguards for General Grievous -- fly specialized fighters as part of their protective duties for the cyborg general. The agile fighters respond to the demands of their droid pilots and are armed with missiles to repel attacks from Republic forces.

Sleek and stylish, this futuristic-looking spacecraft vehicle is loaded with details to help whisk you away on all of your own imaginative Star Wars adventures! Aim the "missiles" at your targets and fire! Position the thrusters and retract the landing gear for takeoff into another galaxy! Open the cockpit to pose a figure (figure not included) inside and let your imagination soar!

Vehicle comes with projectile accessories and instructions.