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G.I. Joe Ultimate Battle 10-Pack

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gijoeultimatebattlepack-t.jpg G.I. Joe Ultimate Battle 10-Pack Price: $133.99
"The G.I. Joe team and the Cobra enemy are locked in an explosive battle to control the Dimantium Hill, the only known location of a rare ore that will make armored gear and vehicles completely indestructible. The Mobat tank and the Cobra H.I.S.S. tank engage in cannon-to-cannon combat as the Cobra Flight Pod attacks from the air. The fighting is fierce, and both sides are evenly matched in weapons and skill. Who will win and who will loose in the Battle of Dimantium Hill?

Cobra side includes Cobra Flight Pod that features removable missiles, opening canopy and includes a Cobra Commander figure. Also includes Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank that features cannons that swivel and elevate, opening canopy, simulated treads with free-rolling wheels and includes Cobra H.I.S.S. Driver, Destro and Cobra Vehicle Gunner figures.

Mobat features motorized action you control-forward, reverse, left and right, extendable, elevating cannon, main turret that manually rotates 360 degrees and Ralph ""Steeler"" Pulaski figure. Also includes figures of Short-Fuze and Sgt. Stalker.

Requires 2 1.5V ""D"" or LR20 batteries, not included."