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Wolverine & Captain America (Marvel Universe)

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wolverineandcaptainamerica-mu-t.jpg Wolverine & Captain America (Marvel Universe) : 653569513407 Price: $34.99
No mystery is deep enough to discourage Captain America. Confronted with evidence of the existence of a robot built specifically to destroy him, he follows every lead, hoping to stop it before it does any damage. When it turns out that Wolverine is on the same trail, the two heroes team up to take down the unstoppable machine!

Get in on fast-paced action and excitement as you stage battles with your Wolverine and Captain America action figures! Recreate your favorite scenes from the included comic book or create your own super-powered showdowns. With these mighty articulated action figures, there's just no stopping the action!

5" tall figures come with Captain America Annual #8 comic book.