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Anakin Skywalker and Durge (Comic Packs)

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anakinskywalkeranddurge-cp-t.jpg Anakin Skywalker and Durge (Comic Packs) Price: $25.99
"Anakin accompanies Obi-Wan to the Karthakk system, where they hope to prevent the assassination of a Corellian merchant. They board the merchantís damaged space yacht Ė and walk right into a trap set by Durge, a centuries-old bounty hunter. Anakin battles the powerful Durge in a grueling contest of strength and cunning. Durge has wired the ship with explosives and escapes before the blast, but the bounty hunter makes a fatal error when he underestimates Anakinís skill with the Force.

Add these two awesome figures to your collection! Figures are posable and come with a Star Wars: Obsession #3 comic book!"