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Beast (Marvel Legends, Nemesis series)

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beast-nemesis-t.jpg Beast (Marvel Legends, Nemesis series) : 653569291305 Price: $64.99
Hank McCoy was once a man, though he was always different. Blessed from birth with phenomenal strength and agility, his childhood schoolmates assigned him the cruel appellation "Beast." When circumstances led to his appearance becoming truly animalistic, his nickname became a literal description, and he embraced it as a codename for use when working with his teammates on the Avengers and X-Men. He has made a home for himself as a teacher and scientific expert at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. As a result of tortures - tortures that resulted in an occasionally unstable intelligence, along with his current leonine appearance - inflicted on him by Apocalypse and Cassandra Nova, he has become the master of his more truly bestial side, making him highly resistant to mental control.

6" scale, includes the right arm of Nemesis.