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12" Witchking Ringwraith - Reviews

12" Witchking Ringwraith

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12inchwitchkingringwraith(t).jpg 12" Witchking Ringwraith : 035112811947 Price: $54.99
Lord of the Nazgul, the nine terrifying Ringwraiths, the Witchking of Angmar was the chief lieutenant of Sauron the Dark Lord. Once a great king of old, the Witchking, like all the Nazgul, was enslaved to the will of Sauron by his magical Ring of Power. In the physical realm the Witchking was little more than a spirit wrapped in black cloth, a fearful presence. But when seen by Frodo in the spirit world, the specter's true guise was revealed. A twisted and malicious fiend, still bearing the tall crown of his office. Includes authentially styled fabric outfit and accessories!