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Clone Commander Colt (CW52)

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clonecommandercolt-cw52-t.jpg Clone Commander Colt (CW52) : 653569586982 Price: $189.99
"CLONE COMMANDER Colt defends Kamino cloning facilities that are under attack by Separatist forces. He commands the elite ARC troopers assigned to this challenging mission. He is an expert in amphibious and ground missions and has a helmet with a distinctive design that identifies his specialized unit. Get ready for intense battle action when you and your CLONE COMMANDER Colt figure join forces! Decked out in a battle-ready outfit just like the movie character, this fierce-looking figure is poised and ready for battle. Whether standing at attention on your shelf or acting out favorite movie moments, this CLONE COMMANDER Colt figure and his blaster put the future of the galaxy right in your hands. 3.75"" scale figure comes with blaster and a Galactic Battle Game card."