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Slave 1 (Original Trilogy Collection)

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slave1(otc)t.jpg Slave 1 (Original Trilogy Collection) Price: $189.99
The elliptical silhouette of the Slave I is the last thing any fugitive would want to see on his or her rear sensor display. The Slave I's sophisticated anti-detection gear and stealth package ensure that very few fugitives ever see their captor coming. The vessel is armed with numerous laser cannons, as well as concealed projectile launchers. The battle-worn vessel was originally owned and piloted by Jango Fett, who passed on his impressive skills to his son, Boba. Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, Boba Fett pilots the Slave I in pursuit of the Millennium Falcon, successfully tracking the fighter from the Anoat system to Bespin. Includes ship, stabilizer wing, 8 missiles, Boba Fett action figure, blaster backpack and instructions.