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Magneto vs. Ryu

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magnetovsryu(t).jpg Magneto vs. Ryu : 035112491194 Price: $114.99
Ryu is a disciplined, honorable fighter who travels the world seeking neither fame nor glory but rather the ultimate challenge that will truly test his warrior soul. His discipline and devotion to mastering the Shotokan martial art has given Ryu the ability to tap into and summon his inner power, his "Chi", and focus that energy into a powerful "Fireball" that can be aimed at his opponents with tremendous power and destructive force.

The mutant menace known as Magneto, the master of magnetism, has observed the opening of Apocalypse's portal and comes to investigate. Upon Magneto's arrival, Ryu senses a worthy opponent and is drawn to him. Ryu confronts Magneto and pits his "fireball" against Magneto's mutant powered "magnetic blast". It is a battle of "Chi" versus mutant power, which will prove more powerful? 5" scale.